Saturday, November 21, 2009


FINALLY THEY REALISE Don’t they realise a dog needs comfort and luxury; it’s not a shocking surprise is it!! When the oldies first got me it was so exciting until bedtime came and they put me in this metal holey box downstairs and left me on my own. They on the other hand went upstairs to the luxury of a big bouncy bed full of warm blankies. Well I was having none of it, I barked and barked, cried and cried, and then barked some more. Finally after nearly losing my voice, they came down, but not the result I was looking for. They lifted my metal box upstairs next to them but kept me in it. As if !!!!! So I cried and cried, barked some, but this time nothing happened. The next night I went into overdrive with the crying and amazingly it worked, the door of the box opened, FREEDOM!! Straight away I was up on the bouncy bed, oh the luxury, didn’t push it though that night, just laid at the bottom of it. Now though, after plenty of Scrappy Training, they realise – I have the whole freedom of the bed, they even put pillows under my head and when im cold I hide under the covers. Luxury at last, although it took them long enough to realise!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


HAS EVERYONE GONE MADI still can’t believe what happened the other night, there I was taking a nap and dreaming on my future banquets when all of a sudden BOOM BOOM BANG BANG noises starting happening. I looked round quickly at the oldies and they were still just sitting there like before, are they deaf!! Then again BOOM BANG BANG WHIIIIIIIII, this time I had to alert them to the danger sounds, so I started to use my warning bark to them, ridiculously they still sat there and apparently laughing at me, they won’t be laughing soon when they realise I tried to save them. So I barked louder and louder, jumping up and down, the noises continued, I barked till I could no longer do so, in the end I got into trouble for trying to save them, IMAGINE!! So I gave up and let them get on with it. They’ll learn!!
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