Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Secrets of the trade – to all dogs out there!! For some reason the oldies keep my treats where I cant reach them, how stupid is that. So the only way I can get some is when they remember to give me them or when im being good. Well you will probably remember the last diary entry about the other dog over the fence and how they stopped our fun. I still go over to that piece of the garden and still show the dog whos boss by barking at it until the oldies call me in. But what I have learnt is that if I come back in straight away they give me a treat for being good. So my mission every day now is to go over to the corner of the garden and bark, whether the dog is there or not, just enough times till the oldies come out, as usual they shout me in and I come running ready for the juicy treat. Works every time. So get them to think they’re helping you to be good and you to will be rewarded, how simple!!
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