Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book Review - Heroes & Villains of the Bible by Tama Fortner

Book Review
Heroes and Villains of the Bible
Compiled by Tama Fortner
Book Description
50 true-life adventures of real people from the Bible-stories of good versus evil, right versus wrong, and heroes versus villains-and their life-shaping lessons that point children to God-the greatest hero of all!  The Bible is packed with stories of courageous people who loved and served God, and how He used them to do great things in the world. It is also filled with villainous people who disobeyed God and did horrible things. Heroes and Villains of the Bible encourages its readers to aspire to become great, courageous, and heroic servants of God, and reject all that is evil in the world.   With Heroes and Villains of the Bible, children will realize some of their favorite heroes aren't from the movies, but are real people from the Bible.

Our Review
A really refreshing change of book, which tells us of the battle between good and evil and also giving us a reminder of how to react but more importantly how to teach our children how to behave.

The graphics are fantastic and are so vivid, the text is so easy to read with the stories being retold in the simplest of terms and again reminding the reader of the true meaning and outcome of any situation.  The messages and miracles and the final betrayal of Jesus, reminded me of my days attending Sunday School.  Children would absolutely love this book with the beautiful animated images and the easy to follow short stories.

The excerpts from the bible give the reader a sense of humanity and makes you fee humble.  A must read for anyone who would like to rekindle their faith or trust.

Can you remember David, Goliath, Esther, Samuel and Saul?  If not read this book.

In these hard times, where we are facing adversity in all directions, reading this book reminded me why I am here and my role as a father, son and husband, which I believe would do the same to anyone who read the book.
Our Review

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