Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pinterest Linkup - Join In !!

Have you found ideas, recipes, crafts that you have pinned on to your Pinterest boards? 
Maybe you found something that made you say "I wish I had found that!"   
Ever found something that makes you go "AH! Now that is an IDEA that just makes so much sense!" 

We want to know! 
Please share those great pins with us! 

Have Sippy Will Travel,  The Spring Mount 6 Pack,  Hobbies on a Budget,  Beck Valley Books,   and Maureen's Musings  are joining forces to offer you a place to find and share your Pinterest ideas! 

Link up your favorite pins so we can follow you. 
(Don't just link your pinterest account - link your favorite image!) 

Bonus: The entry that gets the most clicks each week will become next week's featured pin of the week. (That translates to more traffic and more exposure for your great idea!)


  1. Fun, Fun, Fun! Thanks for the great link up! Look forward to meeting some new pinners (:


Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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