Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Rage wins the Gold Crime Dagger Award

Product Details

Irish author, Gene Kerrigan has won the gold Dagger award for the best crime novel this year and takes away £2500.  "A complex noir thriller that's multi-layered and solidly written, with great style and pace," said the award's judges, who included booksellers, academics and authors. "The depiction of post-crash Dublin has a real sense of menace and threat throughout."

Book Description
Vincent Naylor is a professional thief, as confident as he is reckless. Just ten days out of jail, and he's preparing his next robbery. But his plan is already unravelling.

While investigating the murder of a crooked banker, Detective Sergeant Bob Tidey gets a call from an old acquaintance, Maura Coady. The retired nun believes there's something suspicious happening in the Dublin backstreet where she lives alone.

Maura's call inadvertently unleashes a storm of violence that will engulf Vincent Naylor and force Tidey to make a deadly choice.

The Rage is a masterpiece of suspense, told against the background of a country's shameful past and its troubled present.

Sharon x

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